Cara Delevingne Strikes GOLD As The Face Of FENDI!

Jul 11th, 2013 | By | Category: World Model News

You would think that after all the runway appearances, endless campaigns, numerous magazine covers, partying with wifey Rita Ora, AND mass Instagram updating that Cara Delevingne would need at least a few days of rest!

But no, not for this crazy cat! Cara Delevingne is proving yet again that she is THE campaign girl of the season; and if Saint Laurent, DKNY Jeans, Mulberry, Pepe Jeans, and YSL beauty weren’t enough, now she’s gone and added FENDI to her long list of Fall 2013-14 campaigns. Which comes as little surprise, when Karl Lagerfeld speaks of her as the “new Kate Moss!”

The “Roman Skyline” campaign — shot by the powerhouse designer himself — sees Delevingne and the gorgeous model Saskia de Brauw take to the rooftops of Rome dressed in fabulous furs from the new collection.

Wearing sensational coats woven in shades of pink and purple to fur-covered killer heels and even fur clutches with added color touches… the models epitomise every woman’s vision of what it means to be ultra-chic with a punk-glamour edge.  Afterall, FENDI is the original Italian fur house.

“Fur is a material like circa or wool, I treat fur the same way,” Lagerfeld tells FashionTV. “I don’t have a special approach to fur. Fur is a material like any other,  and the way you can work it, especially today,  is something that you couldn’t do 20 years ago.”


Karl Lagerfeld says fur is a material like any other, do you agree

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