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Credit: Lina TeschCredit: Lina Tesch

They are two of a kind, little fashionistas, magical musicians and only 17-years-old! Meet FashionTV’s Models of the Week, Anna and Sonya Kupriienko aka the Bloom Twins!

Identical twins, Anna and Sonya Kupriienko grew up in a small town outside of Kiev in Ukraine where they were discovered as a music and modelling double act. Six months later, and the girls have moved to London, been signed by Next Models, and featured in the pages of Vogue Italia, among others.

But if that wasn’t enough, they have just launched their debut single “Farenheit,” which is available for download and already hitting the top 10 charts! FashionTV caught up with the gorgeous two to speak about music, modelling, and life as a twin.

We hear you’ve just been signed with Next Models! Congratulations. How you were first discovered? And what came first – the music or the modeling?

Yes. Thank you! Everything has started to happen so quickly and we don’t yet understand what’s happening. One day we went to bed anticipating the release of our new video, and the next moment we have gigs booked in Paris!

We kept on being scouted by different agents, but were not really into modelling on its own.  Then we met our manager in Ukraine — who is also a musician — and her partner, and they were the first ones that spoke to us about music and not just modelling. A very happy accident.

But, we love fashion! We are little fashionistas. We love amazing shoots and beautiful artistic work and creative clothing. But we want it to go together with our music, with our style, with what we believe can together be an art of its own. Which is why when we came to london, to do both. To answer what came first: the music.

Do you have any other secret talents that we don’t know about?!

Yes. Unfortunately, it’s not a secret. But things tend to get lost or break around us. We are a bit clumsy! I guess we have some other talents that we don’t about just yet.

Music is obviously a big part of your life, what are you listening to right now?

Rudimental, Imagine Dragons, Massive Attack, Macklemore, Daft Punk, Alex Clare, and Muse — who we love, love, love.

We hear that Axl Rose came to visit you backstage at one of your London gigs – that must’ve been exciting! What did he say??

Oh yeah! Meeting Axl was unreal. We actually didn’t understand what happened at first as we just saw people staring at someone and paparazzi snapping away. He is a legend and it is always an honour to shake hands with someone you respect. We did spend some time talking… we can’t share what was said though, but we are planning to go to USA next fall, and we will certainly see him there again!

Credit: Lina TeschCredit: Lina Tesch

What does the Bloom Twins summer schedule look like, and will there be time for partying?

We’ve started gigging, have played at a few festivals, and are soon off to Paris where we will play at Bagatelle and Monsieur Bleu. And it’s during fashion week! We have some more festivals lined up over the summer, but we definitely want to play at London and Paris fashion weeks. And in between gigs and festivals — lots of studio work!

You’re now based in London? Where’s your recommended hang-out spot?

Hmmm… We spent last 6 months in pubs. Becoming very British! We play at open mic nights several times a week. It’s a great way for new artists to test their music, connect to your audience, and simply enjoy the stage because thats where you feel you belong. We have our two favourite open mic spots: Paradise pub in Kilburn and a vegan cafe called InSpiral in Camden.

You have already featured in the pages of Italian Vogue, ID and more – what has been your best modelling experience so far?

The Italian Vogue photoshoot with Ellen von Unwerth. We also were pictured by Ruven Afanador and the shoot was in a beautiful country house and involved lots of flowers: we had helmets made out of flowers. It was sort of  “Alice in Blooming Wonderland.” Ah, and Volt magazine was also a cool one where we were photographed in an art gallery.

How would you describe your style? And what is your wardrobe essential of the season?

Chick rock. We love a bit of edginess. And boots. We can’t live without boots. So even if we wear a dress, it will be worn with a pair of biker boots, not heels. And our bikinis are still waiting for summer to arrive. Even bikinis have to be musical, ours have guitars on them.

So, biker boots, bikinis, and a leather jacket… If you see this look on a beach — it’s us!

Do you have any favorite designers?

We love Alexander McQueen, but have never actually worn it. The designs look wicked in pictures, books, and catwalks. We also love Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh, and browse TheCools.com to discover emerging brands and designers. We wear very practical outfits lately by Marithe + François Girbaud, as they are easy to wear and look after, and its youthful.

It must be nice having each other when you’re traveling around, many models complain they miss their families, tell us… what’s the best thing about being a twin?!

It’s true, we never get to miss anyone too much because we have each other, which is fun. But we spent our entire lives together. We don’t know what it’s like to be alone. Even when we had separate beds, we slept (and still sleep) in the same one. Also, the best thing was and is that when we have the same hair it is very easy to tricks  guys. Even now we get away with using each other identities. Beware!!!

Credit: Lina TeschCredit: Lina Tesch

You’re stunning, talented, and so young; the world is your oyster! What’s the big dream?

Oh! There is still so much to learn and to accomplish and write about. Music is such powerful stuff. It helps you through rough patches, and makes your feelings more colourful; and fashion can help to frame those moments and emphasise the emotion too. A moment captured by camera is like an eye into something deeper. And we would love to share what’s inside of us, and to be able to make our music and travel the world with it and meet new people that will inspire us.

We still have lots of instruments that we want to play.  We already play the keyboard and flute, and Sonya is learning harmonica but we have guitar and drums to nail as well.  We want our future shows to be fascinating and show people that there are no limits in anything.


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