March Fashion Horoscopes: Your Style Is Written In The Stars

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Spring will be here before we know it, but before we can start planning our outdoor adventures, we need to make sure we’ve got our spring wardrobes in order! Don’t even think about shopping till you’ve read your fashion horoscope! It’s written in the stars!

Pisces (Feb. 20 – March 20)

Shoes are your thing, Pisces, so make sure to hit the shoe department before going clothing shopping. Let the shoes be your guide!. Skirts and dresses in shimmery fabrics make you happy, so hit that department next!

This fire sign is drawn to all things red, so a bright red swimsuit is perfect for you. You are impulsive and courageous, so your style should reflect these traits.

Known for being stubborn and resistant to change, Taurus women are attracted to comfortable fabrics that feel good against their skin. This earth sign favors neutral tones but enjoys a pop of color as well.

The Gemini embodies contradiction and is easily bored. Look for styles that feature graphic prints or geometric shapes, or throw in a little androgyny with a feminine shoe.

Women born under the sign of Cancer are attracted to vintage- or retro-inspired styles that are feminine and pretty. White, grey and green seem to excite this water sign.

Leo women love the spotlight. Dramatic, luxurious pieces suit you best. Look for a metallic swimsuit and matching cover up!

It’s all in the details for the Virgo. Always the perfectionist, you shy away from fashion what is unnecessarily flashy or gaudy. You prefer a more polished, classic look.

A romantic at heart, Libra women are very social and love attention. Cool spring colors suit you perfectly.

Fiercely independent and always in control, the Scorpio woman shows no sign of backing down. When choosing spring styles, the edgier the better for you.

Wildly curious and always adventurous, you are willing to try anything, fashion-wise, so don’t hold back this spring! You are drawn to shades of purple, which is perfect for spring, and comfort is a priority.

Organized and elegant, Capricorns appreciate quality over glitz. You want to look pulled-together, so messy, unkempt trends are not for you. Instead, opt for interesting patterns and flattering cuts.

The free spirit of the Zodiac, you are quirky, edgy and resourceful. If anyone can rock the mixed-pattern trend, it’s you.

What does your star sign say about you

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