The Lingerie Collective NYC Feature

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The Lingerie Collective NYC Feature

Q&A with Sophie Metchick, TLC Event Manager

Sophie Metchick, the Lingerie Collective Event Manager
The Lingerie Collective’s first NYC show was an incredible experience for both the buyers and brands. Everyone was excited to see the show make it overseas and everyone is just as excited that it’s coming back this summer. So, we sat down with the Collective’s Event Manager, Sophie Metchick to learn what’s new at the Collective and what our readers can expect from the show this August.

Lingerie Collective NYC Show Dates

When: August 4th – 6th, 2013
Where: 320 Studios (320 West 37th St 14th Floor)

Sophie, could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your role at the Lingerie Collective?

I have been a part of The Lingerie Collective Team for over two years and this season will be my fourth managing the event.  It’s always such an exciting time in the run up to the show seeing all the fabulous new collections and getting to work so closely with the brands.

The Lingerie Collective opens its doors the first week of August, can you tell our readers what developments are in store for the August Show?

We have a really wonderful line up of of brands joining is for our 2nd NYC show.  Our debut season was way beyond our expectations and it was such a joy being seeing it all come together. This season we have more brands and having experienced the first event are confident visitors and exhibitors will have a really enjoyable and successful time at the show.

Noe Undergarments 3

Above: A look from NOE Undergarments. The brand will showcase this August with the Lingerie Collective.

Could you tell us a bit about some of the new brands coming to the NYC show? How many brands can we expect in NYC?

This season we have 15 brands exhibiting which is our venue capacity and are delighted to welcome back some of the debut show brands such as Darkest Star, Lascivious and Relique. We have several brands joining us in NY for the first time but who have been regular exhibitors at our London event such as Kriss Soonik and Underprotection. This season we also welcome Buenas Noches and Noe Undergarments, brands who are exchibiting with TLC for the first time on either side of the pond!

Preregister for the Lingerie Collective NYC Show

Buyers, please sign up here for the show:

Lingerie Collective the Faire Frou Frou team at Marika Vera's booth

Lingerie Collective NYC the Faire Frou Frou team at Marika Vera’s booth

“I was so pleased with the show and I hope it doubles in size for August.” – Alison Rubke, Faire Frou Frou.

At the last edition, the Collective had a small event for buyers to socialize, have drinks and mingle with exhibitors, can we expect something similar for August?

You certainly can, we will be holding our traditional Monday night event onsite at Studio 320 where industry friends are welcome to join us hopefully for a little bit more sunshine than we are having in London and the moment. Studio 320 has a great outdoor space and we fully intend to enjoy it.

Above: Scenes from the last edition of the Lingerie Collective’s NYC Show this past February.

What type of buyers visited the Collective in February? Do you already have some buyers preregistered already?

We have had a wonderful response from visitors who attended last season with buyers and press registering early, we are looking forward to welcoming them back along new visitors who didn’t have an opportunity to join us.

Dottie's Delights Sweet Gwendolyn 3

Above: Dottie’s Delights.

Both buyers and exhibitors were thrilled with the Collective’s New York Venue, could you tell us a what makes this space special?

Studio 320 is a great white space and it’s location is fabulous, it’s perfect for The Lingerie Collective vision of a boutique showroom space where luxury brands can exhibit together.

Buenas Noches Play-suit-and-Mandrian-Collar-Cardigan

Above: Buenas Noches.

For a buyer or exhibitor coming to The Lingerie Collective NYC, what can they expect?
An amazing selection of independent directional designer lingerie.

For any brands reading this, who should they reach at the Lingerie Collective to get information on exhibiting here in NYC or in London?
Brands can contact me direct for enquiries about future TLC shows at

Something Wicked One Inch Handcuffs

Above: Something Wicked.

For visiting buyers, where should we point them to register and get more info?

On our website

Sophie, thank you for a great interview! And for our readers, we’ll have more coverage leading up to the show including some brand profiles. Please stay tuned!

Learn More about the Show and Exhibiting Brands

The Lingerie Collective NYC Show Exhibitors
Visit the Lingerie Collective’s website at:
Contact Sophie for exhibition information:
Buyer Registration:

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